treeislifelogo_logoNatural Resource Management
This forms the core mandate of TILT i.e. to promote integrated community natural resources management through several interventions like mobilizing community interest groups around common resources such as forests, wetlands, rivers, dam, springs among others. It aims at enhanced community participation in the sustainable management of their…… Read More

SOLAR DURATIONCommunity Information Development
Information communication strategies play a very crucial role in today’s development world. This component aims at enhancing information gathering and dissemination through involvement of community resource persons and embracing the use of ICT. It greatly …… Read More

BIOGASImproving Livelihoods
In regard to this component the organization strives to connect the management of natural resources with the people’s livelihoods as a means to poverty alleviation. This is through promotion of:- 
Entrepreneurship and Nature-based enterprises, Appropriate technologies, Organization of marketing strategies, Diversified income generating activities including agroforestry and bee keeping …… Read More

Advocacy MuralsNetworking and Advocacy
This component serves the purpose of bringing the stakeholders together through the multiple stakeholders approach on natural resources management. It also enhances protection of natural resources through policy makers, advocacy groups and through the recognition of the best community performers …… Read More